Animal and Bird Neighbors

cropped-cropped-loon_banner01Animal and Bird Neighbors
There are plenty of critters that frequent the property. Some of our most common visitors.

You might see White-tailed deer.  They can be seen throughout the year, often near the apple trees on the property.   Near the lake, there is at least one local moose that has been seen by some.    Red Foxes reside in the blueberry fields in their dens, but at times we get to see them.  A lovely walk through blueberry fields is 1/4 mile away.

We have over 35 song birds around Clary Lake.  They frequent our bird feeders sometimes.

Chickadee.  These cute little birds visit all winter long.  They are the STATE BIRD. Turkeys are frequently seen strolling across the property.

Ruby-throated hummingbird.  These small birds frequent our hummingbird feeders.

Red-tailed hawk.  They love the fields in the area as mice and other small varmints can be found.

Northern cardinal.  Maybe no bird is more striking in its color than the beautiful, bright-red cardinal.

Blue jay.  Almost equally beautiful is the blue jay.

Loon.  We see them through the spring, summer and early fall on Clary Lake and hear their call in the evenings and mornings.

Blue Heron.  A special addition, since it is Linda’s favorite bird.

Sandhill Crane. reminds us of Kansas and is a very special treat to see here in Maine.  Our neighbor saw two herons on their pond this year.

Bald and Golden Eagles.  The most majestic bird.  We see them often around our lake.