Wood Working Vacation

IMG_0741  When Rick and Linda moved to Maine in 2002, and opened a B&B a few years later, Rick decided that he would focus on teaching woodworking, and build a shop that would allow people to come to Maine, and have a great woodworking experience as well, with the added convenience of being able to reside on site.  Everyone has different skill levels, desires and schedules, so Rick tries to cater to each person and help them achieve a woodworking experience that suits them, whether it is honing their skill, learning a new technique, or building an entire project.  There are also woodworkers who have the basic knowledge and a project in mind, but just need a little guidance, a functional shop to work in and the freedom to work at their own pace.   In other words, the student chooses their schedule and their project or skill they want to learn.   What Rick found it to be a good approach is to ask a student what they would like to build, and use that project as a teaching vehicle from design to completion.  That way, the student is working on something that they are truly invested in, and have a pretty clear image of in their head.  Then they can go back home with something to show for their Maine Woodworking Vacation as well as a Maine experience.

Clary Lake Woodworking School:  The school has been the dream for Rick Gallion for many years.  The classes are held in a large, comfortable, well lit, well-equipped shop that was newly constructed in 2011.  The goal is provide students with personal attention in an atmosphere that encourages creativity, provides relaxation, and skill building techniques.   Teaching isn’t delegated to someone else.  Instead, Rick personally teaches each class, so you’ll benefit from Rick’s 25 + years of woodworking experience.  Rick wants you to learn all that you can about woodworking and have a great time doing it.

Contact Rick at: 207-549-5961, www.clarylakewoodworkingschool.com or lrgallion@roadrunner.com