Clary Lake Bed and Breakfast Accepting All Guests

Welcome to 2022Pemiquid Light House!  We’re open to all guests including from all countries.  The mask conditions have been lifted and now we can see your faces.  We’re having a brisk reservation period and so if you are planning to travel to Mid Coast Maine it would be wise to make your reservations quickly.

All traditional Maine Festivals are all planning their programs this year!  As you may know Maine is a remarkable destination for tourism and our summers are known for their mild temperatures.  We look forward to seeing you this year.

Please remember we are open all year and we do have a new policy of no pets permitted, so make plans to kennel your pet or find pet setters before your trip.  Another change this year is some Sundays are not open for reservations.  After such a busy year in 2021 we decided to take some Sundays off.  All Sundays with Monday Holidays are available for booking.